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March Madness- Western Conference

The Western Conference has been building strength for years, so it’s no surprise that the race is tight. Los Angeles, Dallas and Phoenix all could get a bid for the postseason party. The Colorado Avalanche, The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers bid adieu to the postseason and will be booking tee times later this week. Finally, the West can bring in new blood to represent emerging talent.

The biggest success story is The Los Angeles Kings.  A few weeks ago, the Kings looked lost and doomed down the stretch. Goaltender Jonathan Quick was not quick, but has his game back and could be the weapon of choice for the Kings.  Anze Kopitar will get an opportunity to prove his worth as a top forward.

St. Louis Blues-
Success comes from patience and persistence. St. Louis deserves to be the leading team in the West and should win the President’s Trophy. With top talent in Alex Pietrangelo, Kevin Shattenkirk on defense, and Captain David Backes at the helm, the Blues could win this whole shebang. With Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott making a dynamic goaltending duo, the odds are in The Blues favor.

Vancouver Canucks-
Hockey fans know Vancouver can deliver, but can drop at a moment’s notice. Consistency is the key for The Canucks and with Daniel Sedin out, and Kevin Bieksa,  the remaining mates must muster more points. Kesler and Burrows have not produced much, so these two gotta get a groove going. Goaltending is world-class with Luongo and Schneider, but can’t carry the team. Or can they?

Los Angeles Kings-
Mike Richards and Jeff Carter reunion equals Stanley Cup bid. This was their goal in Philadelphia, so maybe the chemistry and drive is propelling the energy in the locker room. Dustin Brown, Justin Williams and Jarret Stoll have been Kings and would like this season to be the one. Chances are good for Los Angeles. They really spiked up the standings, and likely will make it to semifinals.

Nashville Predators-
Every hockey fan can get behind the program Barry Trotz has put together. Trotz is truly a hockey pioneer. The Predators have an awesome netminder in Pekka Rinne, who is Vezina worthy. Expect Nashville to do well, because the players have turned on the heat and are cohesive. Best chance this year for a conference final showdown.

Detroit Red Wings-
They’re fighters. No matter where Detroit is in the playoffs, they find a way to win. With a healthy crew, the Wings will fight until the end. Goaltending has been spotty. Offense has gone up against tough opposing goaltenders. Scoring must increase and Howard must be at the top of his game if Detroit wants to move on.

Chicago Blackhawks-
The Chicago boys just hang in there. While they have a seemingly secure spot as the No. 5 seed, teams are chasing them. Chicago may be bumped. They play in a tough Central Division this season and sit just ahead of Columbus in the fourth slot.

The Dallas Stars and The Phoenix Coyotes will fight to the death to get in. Dallas has done an outstanding job staying in the hunt. Dallas forward Michael Ryder has been a force to reckon with. The Coyotes have a solid goalie in Mike Smith. The outcome is boosting hockey in the Southwest for certain. The Pacific Division at this point is a 3-way tie. Expect some tenacious play in the next week for a guaranteed spot.


Let the bashing begin…

I usually don’t bash my fellow hockey fans, but I can’t resist this one. In an open letter to the Colorado Avalanche on a popular fan site, a “fan” ripped apart each player for the Avs declining season. It’s one thing to comment on their play, but to rip them apart on a personal level shows the lack of sportsmanship and love of the sport. Only Chris Stewart received a somewhat positive cheer as he has returned to the line-up. I’d really like to see this “fan” strap on some skates and do any better. Yeah, bet you’d fall on your face. The season isn’t over yet! The crap written about Matt Duchene and Kevin Shattenkirk are rude and have nothing to do with the game. This putz of a fan bashes personally because he must not know how the game is played. If an Avs player did what Sean Avery did with “sloppy seconds” then have at ’em, but they didn’t. And so it goes in Denver. Bandwagons came across the prairie and into Colorado apparently way back when. I know a die-hard Avs fan that cannot stand fellow Avs fans because of shit like this.

The lack of attendance at any Avalanche game is appalling. Kroenke Sports needs to sell and move back to Quebec to make some money and for the fans who actually appreciate the game. Truly, what the hell does Shattenkirk’s hair have to do with winning games? One of the Avs best players, Matt Duchene, was chided for drinking vodka so therefore he’s a commie according to this fan’s rant. Oh, yeah, that’s right; Duchene needs to beer bong it with some Coors. Even the return of Peter Forsberg has created a lackluster effect on the fans, who doubt his ability. He’s been signed to help with the playoffs, and boost morale. God knows-good energy isn’t coming from the fans.

Hear me out. I subscribe to plenty of fan sites, but I’ve taken this one off of my list. The ignorance is beyond reproach. If you talk like this about the Rangers, they’ll just yell in your face. Trust me, I know first-hand. I once posted a story on Sean Avery criticizing his play, not his personal issues, and I got bashed. If this kind of nonsense found its way to Detroit, expect a seriuos eye roll and snub. And that’s the nice version. If a fan wrote an open letter to the Wings bashing Datsyuk or Zetterberg, your fanship would be revoked. Comments like this about the Flyers- we wouldn’t see you for days. It’s one thing to remark on how to improve the game constructively, but take your slander elsewhere. Seriously, referring to Brandon Yip’s name sounding like “his dog’s diarrhea” is beyond childish. It’s asinine. The comments on the post were all in support of this playground taunting. The site claims it is a “despicable” hockey blog but really it’s all based on cheap shots of people who can’t defend themselves. NHL players are actually people.

Many of the posts on the blog rip apart the Red Wings too, as if they want to be a Red Wings blog. The editor of this blog is a decent guy but his contributors are out of control. If the open letter was supposed to be funny, maybe there would be hope, but it wasn’t. A 3rd grader could have written a better post. Trash talk is supposed to be in jest poking at an opponent’s team, but maybe this guy believes if he bullies the team their play will improve. He does sign off with a spirited Go Avs! I say, go jump in Grand Lake! Rants stem from frustration. Don’t you think the players are frustrated? Probably, and they are adjusting the best they can. Perhaps that wacky Shattenkirk hairdo inspires his play. And don’t forget, Kevin Porter was the Hobey Baker winner in 2008 as Captain of the Michigan Wolverines, so his career isn’t on the same level working as a “porter” that the douchebag claims in his post. The highly PC comment for defensman David Koci was, “f**king concentration camp guard. How the f**k are you so sweet and gentle?” Huh? A self-proclaimed Avaholic was responsible for this post. He wants the players to be motivated by these positive concepts and do better. Ha!

I wore my Red Wings jersey to all the Avs games I attended, but I was never taunted like that. Actually, true fans of hockey love the rivalry talk and can respect the other team involved. It’s easy to take digs when you’re not face-to-face with a player. Being in the public eye does lend itself to criticism but most AHL and NHL players let it roll. They also avoid the commentary because it hinders their game. I’d love to see this guy say his f***ing rants to at least one of those players. Maybe, next time I see Kevin Porter or Shattenkirk I could arrange that.

The players of the Colorado Avalanche are normal nice guys who want to win. There is always talk about how the Avalanche don’t really want it, or they don’t play with heart. What team goes out on the ice each night to lose? Which player forgets to turn on his heart as game time approaches? The fans ripped on them last year and the year before, especially trying to lose to get a better draft pick. Their support is limited to winning. I ask Avs fans to consider that maybe their support can help the team win games. I think I’ll stick with fans who actually give a crap about the game and know how to play the game on and off the ice. I’m disappointed in the Avs hockey community for supporting this type of nonsense. I’ve met so many wonderful Avs fan via my blog, at morning skates, and at training camp who should be better represented. Kudos to those fans still in the game. Hockey isn’t about being an asshole, it’s about shutting up and letting the players play the game.