Hockey Heidi

I’m a hockey girl with a passion for NHL, fantasy hockey and college hockey.  Living in Ann Arbor and Denver, I covered the Colorado Avalanche, the University of Denver Pioneers  and the  University of Michigan Wolverines. The Detroit Red Wings are my home team and I flaunt my Yzerman jersey any chance I get.  Currently, I  reside in Monmouth Country, New Jersey  and covered the New York Rangers.

Being raised in Michigan, I was raised with snow, ice and hockey.  My first team was the Muskegon Mohawks who sparked my love of the game. As players moved up, so did I. When professional NHL players are put on the ice with power, speed and skill they bump into each other, they hook, they high stick, they board.  That’s good stuff.

My hockey apps are ready and packed away in my purse to read every spare moment waiting for a good hockey conversation. If it gets heated, I’ll unleash my inner Zdeno Chara in your direction- so don’t cross my blue line!

Some people may seek meditation to relieve stress from a long day, but not me; I watch hockey.

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5 responses to “Hockey Heidi

  1. Michelle Reager

    Hockey chicks, UNITE!!!! I’m already feeling the withdrawal symptoms, and am only keeping from going insane by playing games of my own. Is it October yet?

    • Michelle, that’s why I’m writing hockey articles in JULY! Can’t wait for the Sporting News Fantasy magazine to come out so I can draft the best players. Spread the word- we girls now have a place to comment on the hockey brawls, because we know that fighting is part of the game. But some are better than others.

  2. thanks for the info. I like your blog and follow hockey with the addiction of a crack head!!! its too bad you like the deadwings. i will definitely follow your blog.

  3. Love this part —> “Some people may seek meditation or a cocktail to relieve stress from a long day, but not me; I watch hockey.”

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