Made for TV…

Hockey fans wanted this story to be told. The yesteryear of the Goon has not faded away. Check out this classic rip from 2013 on the audacity that is John Scott.

What began as an honest endorsement of an underdog, became the unification of Goon fans. Scott was a known on the ice as an instigator, agitator, the ultimate Enforcer. He was a good guy in the locker room, because he had his team’s back every night.

It’s been a long strange trip for this Canadian born hockey player, who holds a mechanical engineering degree from Michigan Tech. If you play hockey in the Upper Peninsula (UP) in Michigan, you have to be tough. Cold, ice, and snow are a normal way of life. It’s rugged and so are the people.

So, It’s no surprise that John Scott has been remembered for these situations. He’s the guy coaches put on the ice to make a statement of dominance. Scott played for many teams, including the Minnesota Wild, Chicago Blackhawks, and most recently his career took him to Arizona. Now, he will play in the AHL, most likely to retire there. 

The greatest game for John Scott was January 31, 2016. After scoring two goals, winning MVP of the All-Star game, and being welcomed by his hockey peers, this Goon proved that a joke can become a dream. The Bully got the best of his own game.

What happened in the NHL All-Star voting became the greatest Public Relations nightmare for the NHL, until the NHL embraced the fans. The moral of the story: PR nightmares can become PR celebrations.




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