Rumble to a Roar

Most of my life, I’ve heard the game of hockey. From the rumble of the bleachers above me at Michigan’s Yost Ice Arena, while I blushed at the boys as a teen, to the slicing of skates through fast ice. All these sounds are as monumental as the crashing of the waves at the beach blocks from where I live. I can sit for hours with these sounds. As an adult, the swift keys of a laptop replace the rumble.

I’m a writer who actually likes people. Not just observing them as subjects, but I find them fascinating. When future employers ask about my greatest skills, I just smile. I’m a people person because everyone has some story to tell. This year at the NHL Awards, I was fascinated by Jiri Hudler. I knew him from his Detroit Red Wings days. I remember Hudler always laughing and smiling during the pre-skate before the game.  He’s still smiling, despite only wearing socks to accept his Lady Byng Memorial Trophy for gentlemanly conduct.

I’ve managed social media campaigns and those are very social. You must make a connection with the chosen voice of the campaign. People find their path in which to roar, voice their calling and excel. I like people. I like talking to people. I like helping clients. I like public speaking. I like getting up in front of a large audience and engaging the participants. With this skill, why should I rumble my way at a silent desk job?

I equate many aspects of life with hockey. Right now, I’m catapulting my talented self into a two-way offensive-defensive position. Think of a Pavel Datsyuk with classy moves and sportsmanlike attributes. However, I may be more of a Ryan Kesler- always there, instigating to achieve the goal. I’ll fight if a problem arises, but I’d rather take it home and set my colleagues up for a successful play toward the net.

I’m looking for a the opportunity to tell great stories to excite the audience. If I cannot find a great team to work with, I will have to go solo. But who wins the game with only one player? There’s a secret language of chirps on the ice, as in every forms of communication. To write is to have a voice. To have a voice is to engage. I’m ready to get out on the ice. It’s NHL draft time. Draft me!

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