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Top Five Defensemen

According to the recent Sporting News hockey edition, the top five defensemen are:

1. Mike Green- Washington Capitals

2. Brian Rafalski- Detroit Red Wings

3. Andre Markov- Montreal Canadiens

4. Brian Campbell- Chicago Blackhawks

5. Nicklas Lidstrom-Detroit Red Wings

I’m glad to see Andre Markov as a top contender as a defender.  Last year, he was impressive despite his team’s lackluster in their performance.  Markov has been on my fantasy hockey roster for a few years,  and was a good player even before last year’s  raking in goals and penalty points.

Rafalski was one of my top D guys last year.  Not to mention he’s a hometown boy playing for his team- always a benefit when looking at players who will give their heart and sou for the fans.

Other notable defensemen in the top ten:

Dan Boyle, SJ Sharks, who posts blogs on my article site comes in at number six. He is itching to get back and ready to make the run for the Cup.

Boston Bruin captain Zdeno Chara ranks in at lucky number seven- he’s got it all.  Best pick for a fantasy team.  The media likes to illustrate his potency with terms such as “flattens” his opponent.  Gotta love that!

Which defensive player will top your list this year?

Wings add Brut

The Detroit Red Wings are known for their amazing textbook ballerina on ice plays and scoring, but not so much for fighting.  Last season, fans saw Pavel Datsyk take some punches, as well as Jonathan Ericsson during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  But the recent addition of Todd Bertuzzi signifies a fight.

Colorado Avalanche fans don’t like Todd Bertuzzi, at all.  His name was dragged through the media in a case of a hit that sent another player to a career ending injury.  Not the ephitopmy of good sportsmanship.

I’m shocked that the Red Wings feel the need for the brutish force on their side.  The Red Wings have been a model of good management and good player realtions.  I’m hoping for Bertuzzi’s sake that he doesn’t creat a soured scene for Hockeytown.  Since most of the toughness of the city of Detroit has left due to economic crises, this makes Todd Bertuzzi the tough guy in town.